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Pop by the Viclockcon stall and say Hi, if you’re at Supanova this weekend!

Grab a VIP upgrade
Be a VIP at Viclockcon and get a copy of the artbook, an exclusive postcard, and access to the VIP theatre for only $5!

There are only 50 VIP passes available, and they’ll be on sale at supanova in two weeks, so get in quick!

Get your VIP pass here

Who do you think engineered ‘Did you miss me?’ at the end of episode three? Moriary? His goons? Sherlock? Anderson? One of Sherlocks friends (with or without his help/knowledge?) a ‘fan’? Mycroft? Prepared to duke it out?… ahem… I mean-
Would you be interested in presenting and defending your opinion in a debate?
Just let me know!
(If you have no strong opinions, but like to see people argue- and have the ability to break them up should you need to- I’ll also be looking for a moderator for the debate)

Hi all!
Today was supposed to be the last day to get in your art for the artbook, however I’m headed back to Victoria for a job interview Monday, so because I won’t probably get it sent off this weekend, you have a couple of days grace! (until Wed/Thur or so)

Also, as I haven’t had any specific submissions for the cover, I humbly offer my own (below the cut) but still welcome you to suggest yours if you think it’s better (I acknowledge I’m not the greatest artist) or to create a new one

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Artbook cover!

Hello all!

There is only a week left to get your submissions for the artbook in, and so here’s where I start to worry about the cover!

If you have a piece of art you’d like to be considered as use as the cover (or would like to create of to be used as the cover) please submit it here, or email to and let me know!

Also- Names! If you have an idea for what the artbook should be called, toss them at me! There might even be a prize in it for the winning name!

You can now register for a ticket!
Bookings will be recorded and can be paid on the day! (or at supanova) Tickets registered for before the 24th of this month are $23

Or buy your ticket now, for only $20!

Hello yet again! As you can see- things are getting moving for this years con!

Here’s where I’d like to get some ideas from you! Was there anything you really enjoyed last year that you’d like to see return? Anything we could do without? Some great new idea you’ve come up with? Please let us know!

Panel ideas so far-

If you have any suggestions for panels you’d like to see/run please just let me know!

Also, would people be interested in a VIP option? It would only be a small extra amount and would mostly include extra goodies, and possibly priority access to some activities/areas (however not the panels, or lunch, etc)

Anything else you want to tell us?

Hi again all, just a quick note about the artbook!

I provided a link with information about artwork setup from the printer I’m thinking of using, however I am still investigating more options, and if you know anywhere that is good quality and not-too-pricey please let me know!

Also, if you want to submit an art piece but are not too sure about it going in the book, we can also use art to put on postcards for all attendee, if you’d like your art used that way!

The Artbook

Hello all! You may remember some time ago I asked if you would be interested in contributing to an artbook to be printed for this years con-

Well, now is the time we start accepting submissions!

Art may be based on any of the episodes of BBC Sherlock, and of course a certain amount of interpretation is more than welcome, including crossovers, or interpretations of other canon stories, etc. however please avoid any crude language, situations, or gore, as a number of our guests will be underage.

At this time I am thinking all art will be compiled and reviewed by myself and possibly another, for selection into the book. Please understand that it’s to be quite the professional production so we ask that you submit your very best work. You are more than welcome to submit more than one piece, but any submitted come with no guarantee of inclusion.

Anyone is welcome to submit their art, regardless of whether they expressed interest at the time, and residency of Victoria (or even Australia) is not required.

All artists included in the book will of course be featured on the credits page, and will receive one free copy of the book, and the opportunity to buy more at cost price.

Submissions for the book will close on March the 1st to hopefully give us enough time to have them printed for Supanova, and can be submitted via here or emailed to Artwork should be a5 and will require a 5mm internal and external bleed (158.5x220mm) You can find more information here

Go forth and art, oh creative people!


Hey all!

I’m thinking of booking a table for Supanova this year, to sell tickets for Viclockcon (and some of the items left from previous years) as more attendees will mean more awesome stuff we are able to do! However the table includes passes for three people, so here’s an opportunity for someone wanting a chance to offer some items for sale at Victoria’s biggest con, at a super low price!

Cost- $50 - Includes entry to all three days, space to sell your own items.

Required- You may be asked to watch the stall by yourself at some point, but this is probably unlikely. I also ask that the majority of the items you bring to sell be Sherlock themed.

Other- I myself will only be there on the Friday and Saturday, however you are more than welcome to make use of the table on the Sunday.

Simply drop me a message before Jan 20th if you are interested!