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If you couldn’t make it to the con, or are just looking for a gift for a fandom-loving friend, there are now a handful of things up at the store!

Hey Lovelies! If you wern’t able to make it to this years con, could you take half a minute to (anonamously, if you wish) let us know why over here? Too close to exams? Other commitments? already been last year and didn’t want to again? Underwhelmed by last years con? Unimpressed by this years line up? The location? Did the tickets costing a little more strain the finds too much?


Me with my leading men! #sherlock #viclockcon

Irene Adler party, no you’re not invited #fierce #werkbitch #ireneadler #viclockians #viclockcon #bbcsherlock #elementary

Hello all!

We had a small (but fantastic) group yesterday! Thank you all for coming along! You were a fantastic group!
(I didn’t get to catch all the afternoon things, but I was really interested by Dr. Groves panel, and of SF221B was a riot!)

And now, I wanna see all the picture of things I missed in the afternoon!

See you tomorrow!

When you get there, rather than going into the main gallary, head around to the right to Boadle Hall at the back!

(and we’ve had a few questions about tickets- even if you haven’t registered you can still show up, if you have registered or bought your ticket, we’ll have you on a list, in case you happen to forget your ticket, you won’t need a recipt or anything!)

Scenes from 221B



This year will be the second year of Scenes from 221B at Viclockcon and we need some somewhat-sherlocky/fandomy “scenes from a hat” prompts to help make a fool of our lovely improvisers. 

if you’ve ever watched Whose Line its those sort of prompts we need like, 

"things you can say about a dead body, but not your girlfriend?"


"What really happened on the stag night?"

shoot me an ask if you have any suggestions, we need as many as possible, make them as crazy as you want.

Cheers and love :3